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Denny Prokopos 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Seminar 27 August 2016

September 4, 2016

At Denny Prokopos’ 3rd visit to 10th Planet Birmingham those in attendance got an almighty dose of the antidote to many of our problems: Footlock repellant.

With Denny’s match versus world famous leglock master Masakazu Imanari just a few weeks away, all of his latest techniques have been declared top secret. Sorry guys. Rarely can 10th Planet be accused of being stingy with techniques; but on this occasion the 10th Planet tradition of selflessly giving all of our techniques, complete with all details and secrets, could turn into the modern day nogi equivalent of committing hari-kiri.

Hopefully later on Denny might package the system of his that he has worked on for the last 2 years and add yet more historic value to the 10th Planet curriculum.

Every grappler on the mat went away with multiple new methods of disadvantaging imposing footlocking fiends. The effectiveness of each technique alone, (let alone the synergy present within this high level, cutting edge system) makes Denny’s work particularly pleasing to those who have been bogged down in a quagmire of straight ankles and foot flexers; toe holds and calf crushes. So the release of this to the 10th Planet masses would probably be imminent if it were not for the astronomically high chances of leg entanglement over a twenty minute bout with a grappler as highly practiced as Imanari.

So in his own words, until then; Denny’s new stuff stays private.

The drills and spills were on display, trading in high percentage escapes for what were previously blank faces; Denny broke everything down to it’s finest detail. But only having given clarity to the context of what was about to be dissected.

We look forward to Denny’s return where you can expect more advanced, high level Jiu Jitsu taught in the 10th Planet black belt’s unique, comprehensible way.

To make up for this recent turn of secrecy we remind you of 10th Planet’s overall generosity when it comes to sharing techniques.

Below are clips from Denny’s first 10th Planet London seminar, posted by bjjstylemagazine:


Denny now continues on his latest overseas tour with seminars in Glasgow and Stockholm.

The match versus Imanari takes place as part of Polaris 4 on 29th October at the Lighthouse, Dorset.

Stay tuned for a breakdown of the match on

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