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October 24, 2017

It is said many times over that an athlete is ‘only as good as his last performance.’

In no sport does this ring truer than MMA.

A bad day in the office, just one subpar performance, even a single solitary mistake can set a fighter back years; or worse still.. spell a downward spiral for their career in what is today’s most cutthroat business: The Hurt Game.

It is therefore even more important then that we celebrate the guys ands girls who overperform in relation to the general consensus of opinion, and shine brightest each weekend; regardless of what the current rankings may project: we know that rankings are short lived, but what lives forever are the performances of a lifetime.

It takes a long, long time, to be an overnight success in MMA.

This is where we celebrate it!

This new segment continues with today’s Greatest Fighterin the World: Darren Till


On Saturday night, Liverpool’s own Darren Till became the latest UK fighter to have a breakout performance.

In the main event of UFC Fight Night Gdansk, Till was pitted against perennial contender Donald Cerrone in a welterweight class, but from the opening bell it was readily apparent that the Englishman was on another level than his veteran foe.

Cerrone, fresh off a hard-fought fight with former champion Robbie Lawler, was looking to make light work of Till ahead of a rumored marque fight at the end of the year, but Till had other ideas. As the two men entered the Octagon the size difference was easily noticeable with the Brit looking the much larger of the pair. In the opening exchanges Till looked relaxed and ready, landing a variety of strikes and visibly surprising his adversary. Once Cerrone tasted Till’s power he was desperate to secure a takedown, but when he got his man to the mat, Cowboy was unable to keep him there.

As the round approached its end, Till landed cleanly, rocking Cerrone with a punch. As Cerrone looked unsteady on his feet, Till swarmed and from the first smell of blood he was unrelenting in his attack until the referee called a halt to proceedings.

In victory Till has propelled himself into title contention and at 24, he is one of the youngest and most talented fighters in the division. For Till the future is bright and he is without doubt one of the hottest prospects to emerge from the UK in recent years.

Donald Cerrone is a warrior in the purest sense of the word, but tonight made it clear that he is not a welterweight. For Cerrone to return to the upper-echelon of the sport he must cut down to lightweight and wage war once more in his previous division. At 34 there is not much time left for Cerrone so he must think wisely before taking his next step.

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