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February 17, 2017

SUB//ZERO VII is almost upon us!

And its going to be bigger than ever!

This coming Sunday (19th Feb) sees the ever growing, uber popular submission only jiu jitsu tournament return once again here in Kings Norton Birmingham.

From day 1 SUB//ZERO has been a competition for grapplers; by grapplers.

The current phase of SUB//ZERO has already seen 3 successful tournaments here at home of Elements MMA, The Lakeside Centre.

With this instalment proving most popular it has completely sold out with 150 grapplers vying for positions on the grid.

Lots of late comers have been disappointed by news they have been unable to enter, but SUB//ZERO went on sale at a discounted price in December; so if you were one who missed out then get registered early next time!

SUB//ZERO are very proud to announce that this will be the final open invitational event held at The Lakeside Centre due to space restrictions, and a bigger venue (possibly a small stadium) will be sought for future event.

Sunday’s upcoming event will be host to more immense grappling with elite competitors going first for the first time in order to attract more and more of the UK martial arts scenes household names.

Being run for grapplers, by grapplers its a well known fact that a lot of the more popular competitions run late into the day. This has been known to put off high level competitions, especially those who conmpete in MMA and rightly see grappling as a secondary format to tune just one aspect of their fighting prowess.

So starting the pros and the elite guys early is a positive change that we are sure will be welcomed by all.. with the more experienced guys being able to compete and then cool off and help coach their movie and intermediate students throughout the day.

The grapplers to watch this time round are certain to be Joshua Williams (brother to EBI stalwart Ashley Williams), Chris Miah, Karl Evans, Wai-yin Tong and Lew Jenkinson all confirmed for the U70 ELITE category. That bracket alone event is going to be well worth every jiu jitsu aficionados time to get down early and witness the UK’s hottest no gi talent in action.

Matches begin 9.30am

There will some delicious freshly made food available on the day including the legendary Acai Fruit Bowls, and SUB//ZERO clothing will be on sale on a much larger scale for fans to take home a piece of history from the final event of its kind before the move to a bigger venue.

Entry to the event for spectators is £2.00 on the door with proceeds going to charity to help one of our most valued members with costs toward his young daughters autism treatment.

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