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March 4, 2016




From March 15th through to April 9th 2016 we will be bringing back Elements MMA’s FREE PRIVATE LESSONS!



Last year, by way of introduction to our academy for all new students, we gave over 100 hours of PRIVATE TUITION away for FREE!!

That’s £4,000 worth!!


Are you new to Elements? Willing to make positive changes in your life and keen to start immediately? Then finding out costs you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!

FREE PRIVATE LESSONS are extremely popular with students new to the academy or new to martial arts in general..

If this is your first close look at taking up MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, JIU JITSU or MUAY THAI then a FREE PRIVATE LESSON coule be the PERFECT WAY to get you started!

We schedule FREE PRIVATE LESSONS into slots when the Elements Academy is generally quiet with few distractions. This way you get your instructors full, undivided attention!


Pete Adams, Adrian Glowacki, Mick Broster

Pete Adams, Adrian Glowacki, Mick Broster



During the allocated time slot you will be greeted at our 7,000 sq ft academy here at The Lakeside Centre by one of our attentive and enthusiastic members of staff. During your appointment we will dig deeper in order to discover exactly what it is that you need in order to help you achieve your goals!

On top of the training here, what else might you need? Do you need help setting goals? Do you need help to find clarity on how to achieve the goals we might set out? No problem! We have all the experience necessary to assess you, our prospective member, and come up with exactly how we will move from A to B and beyond!

Following a tour of the academy we will find out what kind of training will suit you best. You then have the option to hit the pads with your instructor and to discover what our muay thai programme is all about! Or; you can learn some basic ground skills and go over the day 1 stuff that will begin to make up your fundamental jiu jitsu programme. After doing some training you will cool off and sit down with the instructor and the programme director to discuss exactly what programme will be the perfect start for you.

If everything is a good fit and between us we agree that we can immediately start pursuing the goals we have come up with then we vlook into how you get enrolled, AND MAKE IT OFFICIAL!

Becoming a member could not be easier!

So let’s start now!

This current FREE PRIVATE LESSON campaign has availabilities FOR YOU on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, 15 Mar 8.20am
  • Wednesday, 16 Mar 4.20pm
  • Thursday, 17 Mar 8.50am
  • Friday, 18 Mar 4.10pm
  • Saturday, 19 Mar 9.30am
  • Monday, 21 Mar 3.20pm
  • Monday, 21 Mar 5.10pm
  • Tuesday, 22 Mar 8.20am
  • Wednesday, 23 Mar 4.20pm
  • Thursday, 24 Mar 8.50am
  • Friday, 25 Mar 4.10pm
  • Saturday, 26 Mar 9.30am
  • Monday, 28 Mar 3.20pm
  • Monday, 28 Mar 5.10pm
  • Tuesday, 29 Mar 8.20am
  • Wednesday, 30 Mar 4.20pm
  • Thursday, 31 Mar 8.50am
  • Friday, 1 Apr 4.10pm
  • Saturday, 2 Apr 9.30am
  • Monday, 4 Apr 3.20pm
  • Monday, 4 Apr 5.10pm
  • Tuesday, 5 Apr 8.20am
  • Wednesday, 6 Apr 4.20pm
  • Thursday, 7 Apr 8.50am
  • Friday, 8 Apr 4.10pm
  • Saturday, 9 Apr 9.30am



If you are interested in getting in to Mixed Martial Arts and think you would benefit from a FREE PRIVATE LESSON worth £40 then please email or call +447825678263 NOW!!



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