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Luke Live Wire Mulhall

Luke Mulhall victorious on Lionheart FC, challenges for WORLD Amateur title next, EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

October 24, 2016
Luke Live Wire Mulhall


LIVEWIRE Luke Mulhall notched up another impressive victory for Team Elements MMA on Saturday, winning on Lionheart FC in the first round by ground n pound.

We managed to catch up with the undefeated amateur to find out what is currently setting him apart from his opponents, and what path his MMA career is taking over the next 12 months.

ELEMENTS MMA: Hi Luke, thank you for taking the time out of your busy training routine for viewers of the website.. Another extremely impressive victory on Saturday against a highly regarded opponent. Talk us through the fight from the first moment up to the finish:

LUKE MULHALL: Hello buddy. Not a problem just finished my last binge of food. Diet starts again. Well I was originally supposed to fight a different guy. Who was a short stockier jujitsu guy but I think it was two weeks ago he pulled out and I got this tall k-1 fighter. So that changed everything. But I’m extremely confident in my abilities. So up, down, back, forth I was confident. Bullet proof mind.

ELEMENTS MMA: At any point was there any concerns that he might wriggle free and get back to his feet in order to make it out of the first round?

LM: No not a chance. My ground game & wrestling is my bread and butter so once I got the second slam and played punch face I could feel he was beginning to break and not want to be there. So sorted my positioning out didn’t rush and the finish came.

EMMA: You seemed very focused on where you wanted this fight to take place, has takedowns and top control played a big part in your recent training?

LM: I won’t shy away from striking I love that part. I’m trying to keep fights standing. I feel I have a ermmm a wrong sort of style haha which you don’t see very much. But he threw in a leg kick and the take down presented it self. So don’t take chances. Finish the fight quick. My mum shouts at me when it goes past the first round. My friends said if I didn’t win I don’t get a Mc Donald’s so that’s motivation enough.

EMMA: Your timing was impeccable and you did what you wanted in there, everyone cage side simply had to be impressed with the way you dispatched your opponent.  Your next fight is less than a month away on 19th November where you rematch David Khalsa for an amatuer World Title, give us your thoughts on that fight:

LM: The guy is a gorilla and hits like a fucking train. But by far my most favourite fight I’ve had. But I’m just excited to fight for the title. I don’t care about winning or losing individual fights it’s just about the glory of being inside that cage with everyone watching. Just stay Hungry…I don’t feel any pressure for this fight I’m not the champion. In the last fight I took a couple shots to the balls which had a big factor in my cardio. So I’m going try and hide them this time.

EMMA: will your training and preparation be different in any way to the way you prepared for Saturday’s fight?

LM: Might grow some hair on my head this time. It’s getting cold.

EMMA: Can you give us an idea of where you see yourself in 12 months? And how you’re going to get there?

LM: I’ve always said before I turned pro I wanted at least 5-6 fights and my purple belt. So next year that’s what I’m
Aiming for making my way through either LW/FW division haven’t decided which yet. But I hate dieting. I love food. It’s my favourite thing.

EMMA: Any shout outs to loved ones or sponsors?

LM: I’ve got an amazing circle of people I love and trust. My mother and brother are my rocks. My dogs Crowley and Rogue. My coaches and teams are incredible they’re my family. I’ll quick fire off a few names. Thanks to-
Mick, Pete and everyone at elements, Warren(Pretty pads) and Red Corner, David H who just beasts me and I brought in Jordan Sherrif for my strength and conditioning…..I’m in talks with some sponsors now so fingers crossed. But I welcome more as I need to make training full time so I can go forward with my career.

EMMA: thank you Luke and we are all watching closely as you prepare to bring home a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP title next month

LM: Thanks for taking the time to speak to me brother……PEACE!!!

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