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February 14, 2016
Hamza Afridi

Hamza Afridi

Last night (Saturday February 13th 2016) Hamza Afridi represented Elements MMA as he successfully outfought the very game & durable Colin Casey to win every round on all 3 scorecards.

You can watch the entire fight via Mick Broster’s Youtube channel here (please subscribe to both Mick and 10th Planet Birmingham on youtube):


The moment Hamza’s arm was rasied marks him achieving his goal of starting 2016 with a win.

The moment Hamza left the cage marked the start of his new goal; extending his winning streak on March 26th in Leicester against stiff opposition in Jordan Baxter.

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Hamza Afridi has trained like an outright beast this year; consistency has been key.

This year we have pressed home the importance of consistency to all of Birmingham’s Strongest Family here at Elements MMA at The Lakeside Centre in Kings Norton, Birmingham.

And if consistency is to be our friend, complacency is sure to be our foe.

The fight was in his control throughout; however the team will continue to work closely with Hamza now to fill any holes that were exposed during the fight, regardless of how small. At no point during the 15 minutes was Hamza in any real danger of being in trouble from his opponent. Despite Casey clearly having excellent allround skills and a giant’s heart; Hamza was too much.

So now its back to the drawing board, in the most positive way possible.

It would be easy to march on now and not address any of the mistakes we saw our young fighter make; every fighter will make mistakes, this is the fight game!! But we will draw as many ways of improvement from this win as it had been a loss – it is a nothing but a cliche that a fighter can only learn big lessons from a defeat. Hamza is hard working and open minded which is why he will be successful. The fight versus Jordan sees a step up in competition level but one we are confident Hamza will meet and exceed.

In Hamza’s corner last night was Mick Broster, Pete Adams and myself Chris Elements. We are all very proud of Hamza’s improvements and dedication to Elements MMA and are excited to play a part in his journey as he rises up through the ranks of the amatuer bantamweight division.  Sal Mirza and Chiu Kwong Man have also trained Hamza in part this year and continue to gift the young Birmingham fighter further insight into their grappling world, thanks to the years of experience they have as high level grapplers and martial artists.

Via the power of Periscope, Hamza’s pre fight warm up was captured & broadcast live, as was his fight. For those viewing prior to 8pm GMT time you can still watch the Periscopes here and tap the screen to give hearts:



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