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Charity Sparring Session HERE at Elements

May 26, 2016
charity sparring elements

charity sparring elements

Sunday 22nd May saw the Elements MMA mat put to even more great use!

One of our loyal members, Jamie Hales, recently became made aware that his infant daughter has autism.

Autism is not being funded well enough especially for younger children with the condition.

This was an amazing opportunity to raise money for Jamie’s family who are forced to pay for all of their daughter’s care.

The sooner we reach this target the sooner we can help this beautiful little girl with her speech and ability to communicate. As she gets older she will become more frustrated without the proper care.

This really is vital we raise this money asap

Jamie tells me that after this we are half way towards the target
This is thanks to many many people who donated with the sparring session giving a decent push.

I want to thank everyone who got on the mat for the 2hrs. It was fun to spar some pro boxers and high level amateurs, you know we keep this 💯

Jamie has always represented Elements MMA and 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and Bang Muay Thai to the fullest. He leaves it all in the cage when he represents the gym so I urge everyone to spare pennies or pounds and help by donating NOW in any way they can.

I am personally disgusted and embarrassed that in a country such as this there are not enough government funds in place to provide proper care for families such as Jamie’s. We will do what we can but I think the main thing is to raise awareness of why funds are going left right and centre yet missing crucial causes like autism in infants and toddlers.

We will be organising another charity sparring event for the back end of the summer so stay tuned for that and in the meantime please give any maounts you can afford towardss this great cause!

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