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Gaining Insight – MARCH book of the month THE SECRET

February 25, 2016

Each month Chris Elements hand picks a book that not only embodies the mind and spirit of martial arts; but also acts as a lever to help trigger a positive mentality both on and off the mat:

A mentality that is strong; a mentality to succeed.

The knowledge in these books, if applied consistently, will help your MMA game, jiu jitsu and muay thai game, as well as helping your life!

The books we will be studying will not just be great books of any random ilk; but great books that have helped countless elite level martial artists; billionaire businessmen and world leaders achieve their objectives.

The knowledge contained within the pages can be applied to martial arts effortlessly; and in turn the martial arts become effortless- for the most part 😉

Over the following months we plan to take our time and discover exactly what each text has to offer a martial artist.



Our first book is an obvious starting point; The Secret.

The Secret actually started out as a DVD, the testomonies within the 90 minutes were so powerful that it was subsequently made into a book which quickly became a world best seller selling 20 million copies.

Quotes, paraphrases and the general gist of The Secret have become commonplace in MMA circles, thanks to Conor McGregor’s meteoric rise to the top of the UFC Featherweight divsion. A rise that is in no small part down to his unwavering self belief.

The energy and self worth that Conor exudes absolutely must have something to do with his understanding of The Secret..

When I read The Secret in 2009 I was sceptical. It’s so simple and so matter-of-fact about the ways in which you can immediately call positivity into your life, that the call to action may be too soon for some.. How can achieving arguably the hardest thing imaginable (completely changing our lives for the good) be possible with such little effort?  Don’t people normally need to soulsearch for years?? Doesnt it take thousands and thousands of pounds, and hours and hours sat on the shrink’s couch to bring about such a dramatic change?? Who really has the time for that?


What I most value about The Secret is not necessarily the wisdom contained within the pages, as the more experienced truthsayers amongst us may find it all very basic.

Yes, the little tidbits; like no longer having to stress to find a car park space at the supermaket; mentally receiving every bill that comes through the letterbox as if it were a cheque; and using every opportunity whilst waiting in line to reflect, act as wonderful life hacks that help get you remain positive in spite of what else in this often crazy world is going on around you.

No, whilst a great addition to my life, the above techniques are not even the most valuable asset this text has to offer.. its tendancy to act as the first stepping stone toward bigger and better and DEEPER self exploration is something quite beyond the main themes within The Secret.

Thanks to The Secret I no longer find any spiritual practice unfarthomable; all of it has its place – as does everything else.

It all starts with positivity!

So I urge you to stay open minded and be persistent in accepting the wisdom within the pages of The Secret; don’t ask for too much from it and you will receieve just what you need.. Remember there is no secret anymore! The power of positivity is already out there and already being harnessed by most of the great world leaders and successful people.

Now its your turn!

For those who have already discovered meditation and peace of mind through positivity; The Secret should be quite rudimentary and act as a solid reminder of the all important basics.

In future months we will dig a little deeper and discover some of the texts that many moved onto having gained great insight from The Secret.. but for March let’s do this little introduction to spirituality justice by reading it at least twice!! Yes, TWICE.. seeing as it is less than 200 pages long.



We find that the type of students who will benefit from this knowledge have goals that revolve around gaining the following benefits:


All of the goals associated with the above can only be multiplied &  enhanced by a positive, healthy mind.

Elements MMA has first hand knowledge of the benefits of positivity through adversity and we strive for the success of all of our students. If you feel like you need more then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Chris:

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