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Daniel Strauss Black Belt Butterfly Guard Seminar Breakdown

May 8, 2017

Daniel Strauss Butterfly Guard Seminar Review

On Sunday 7th May Elements MMA was fortunate enough to play host to one of the UK’s highest level grapplers in the scene today.

For three hours solid Daniel Strauss took an absolute masterclass, offering insight to his most effective guard: The Butterfly guard.

The Butterfly guard has long been touted as the most effective guard in MMA. And why is that?

According to Daniel it is because Butterfly Guard is limitless in its options.

Being a guard where you have your whole body between your opponent and the mat, Butterfly Guard allows the guarder to choose sides and to start moves that are not as easily thwarted as many other types of guard.

Daniel began by showing some basic principles of The Butterfly Guard, stressing the importance of retaining the guard properly before setting up attacks.

He then moved onto guard escapes that put the guarder into the Butterfly position.

These were the most important techniques shown all afternoon.

If a person cannot get to Butterfly guard then it matters not how strong or how developed their sweeps or submission from there might be.

From there what followed was a succession of simple yet highly effective high percentage sweeps. All with backups plans and all fitting together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

It is easy to see why the Birmingham leg of the tour is the 16th of 40 seminars Daniel has planned in 2017.

His teaching style makes learning totally effortless.

The knowledge he possesses is broken down into very manageable bite sized chunks, all neatly woven together using solid fundamental threads.

His pace and attention to detail meant that new students and mat veterans alike all took with them bucket loads of new technique; let alone inspiration.

Everyone on the mat now has a better guard thanks to Daniel, and everyone now has a place to recover to meaning their escapes and jiu jitsu as a whole has levelled up.

For those who missed this Butterfly Guard extravaganza, Daniel will be touring at many more destinations throughout the UK during Spring and Summer, culminating at the end of July.

To book Daniel for a seminar or to sign up to one of the many seminars he is teaching and to find out more on his website, go to:


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