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GAINING INSIGHT – APRIL book of the month HANDS OF STONE – Roberto Duran

March 29, 2016

GAINING INSIGHT – APRIL book of the month HANDS OF STONE – Roberto Duran

This month’s literary offering comes from one of Boxing’s undeniable legends.


Hands of Stone

Hands of Stone

Roberto Duran fought amongst Boxing’s most prestigious collective, in a glorious era where he held his own as arguably the pound for pound greatest from his generation.

Born in 1951 in El Chorillo, Panama, Duran began sparring seasoned vets at age 8 and turned professional aged just 16 years old.

In 1980, and with a record 0f 71-1, Roberto Duran handed Sugar Ray Leonard his first defeat and the only defeat of his first 38 fights. Hands of Stone documents in great detail the rollercoaster ride that quickly followed; the infamous ‘no mas’ rematch, the demons Duran constantly fought and overcame, and the spirit and heart that only the great Roberto could demonstrate.

This book will be inspirational to any fighter on his way up; or down, as they struggle to balance the highs and lows of the wins and losses with life outside the ring.

Discover the tales of the only fighter to have ever fought in 5 decades; the very first latino sportsman to break into the mainstream and the one person on this planet who’s style gave no thought for longevity- yet in spite of this has gone down in the history books as the most durable and perservering man to have ever graced a championship ring.

From poverty to prosperity; from people’s champion to global celebrity and back square one. No one did it like Roberto Duran.


A young, hungry Roberto Duran

A young, hungry Roberto Duran


Each month Chris Elements hand picks a book that not only embodies the mind and spirit of martial arts; but also acts as a lever to help trigger a positive mentality both on and off the mat:

A mentality that is strong; a mentality to succeed.

The knowledge in these books, if applied consistently, will help your MMA game, jiu jitsu and muay thai game, as well as helping your life!

The books we will be studying will not just be great books of any random ilk; but great books that have helped countless elite level martial artists; billionaire businessmen and world leaders achieve their objectives.

The knowledge contained within the pages can be applied to martial arts effortlessly; and in turn the martial arts become effortless- for the most part 😉

Over the following months we plan to take our time and discover exactly what each text has to offer a martial artist.

We find that the type of students who will benefit from this knowledge have goals that revolve around gaining the following benefits:


All of the goals associated with the above can only be multiplied &  enhanced by a positive, healthy mind.

Elements MMA has first hand knowledge of the benefits of positivity through adversity and we strive for the success of all of our students. If you feel like you need more then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Chris:


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