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10th Planet Birmingham SUB//ZERO Submission Squad Formation announced

September 26, 2016
Mick eddie bravo broster pic

Eddie Bravo (left) and Mick Broster



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WITH the announcement of SUB//ZERO VI earlier this month comes the announcement that Mick Broster will pick a 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Birmingham ‘Submission Squad’ from his current crop of talented students to compete.


SUB//ZERO is the midland’s freshest platform for submission only grappling.

Since its inception in 2013, the no gi, sub only tournament has gained a solid, steady following and grown with each event, regularly being described by spectators as “electrifying” and “a breath of fresh air [in the grappling scene]”.

What makes the SUB//ZERO tournaments special are not only the rules and format, but the cash prizes on offer throughout the event. The tournament’s reputation has been built on serving the most experienced grapplers first and foremost; by pledging to invest all of their entry fees back into prize money (that will be dished out by way of reward for submissions during the day), the competitors who are adding the most value to the show are never expected to pay for the privilege of giving all fans in attendance exactly what they came to see!

Speaking of fans in attendance; another bonus of supporting SUB//ZERO is the free entry that all spectators benefit from!

Despite it’s fondness of high level submission artistry; SUB/ZERO is even more popular with novice grapplers wanting to compete at the grass roots end of things.

The reason for this is the tournament’s insistence on giving novice grapplers a virtually identical rule set to that of the intermediate and elite categories.

With the only illegal techniques being twisting leg locks and spine locks/cranks, all grapplers with less than two years training under their belts can now compete in their new favorite sport without the added unnecessary headache of having to watch whether their foot crosses an imaginary point on their opponents hip or stay aware of other superfluous regulations during leg entanglements.

At SUB//ZERO the competitors concentrate on submissions only.

This has given grapplers new to the scene heaps more responsibility and gives them the full flavor of what a true no gi sub only rule set feels like, as opposed to watered down versions so readily available throughout the ibjjf derived points only competitions that have become so stale and irrelevant.


For the first time in SUB//ZERO history TEAM ENTRIES have been included. Teams can now vie for the number one spot not only in their respective weight and experience brackets but also as part of an overall team effort, something which is likely to be another outstanding feature of SUB//ZERO in years to come.

The competition should be fierce with 10th Planet London previously cleaning up a tidy medal haul.

For all Elements MMA members, news of the 10th Planet Birmingham Submission Squad cannot come soon enough. For those looking to compete, you now have the perfect way in to competitive Jiu Jitsu.

Mick Broster said “The formation of the Jiu Jitsu submission squad is huge! We will be putting the same effort and time into preparing the guys for grappling comps as we do for the competitive MMA fighters.”

All 10P Birmingham Ninjas register with Mick who will be selecting the submission squad over the next 30 days, openings at ALL WEIGHT GROUPS with the following experience:






It has been agreed, due to the meteoric success of EBI, to have the EBI overtime rule set applied to SUB//ZERO in effect immediately.

This has pleased fans of the EBI event as well as all 10th Planet members hoping to compete. Mick had this to say “It has to be EBI rules. Having double disqualification in the elimination phase is not what grapplers want.”

Always looking to evolve yet wanting to develop its own identity are two branches of growth that SUB//ZERO continues to nurture. Sometimes one gives way to the other, and the overwhelming feedback is all about EBI overtime, the EBI event has been so well received and gained such immense praise worldwide that it is impossible for any Jiu Jitsu tournament on the planet not to sit up and take notice.


SUB//ZERO VI is being held on November 20, here at Elements MMA at the Lakeside Centre in Kings Norton, Birmingham.

Registration and more info can be found here:


Sponsored by Progress Jiu Jitsu:


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