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What to expect at ELEMENTS MMA…. on Saturday

April 10, 2017

Saturdays at Elements MMA should be a firm favourite with all members.

Whether you have enrolled in a membership with us and are looking for fitness, self defence or competition we have what you need on Saturdays.

With classes focusing on Muay Thai, MMA and jiu jitsu; Saturdays at Elements MMA has it licked.

• 10.30am Muay Thai

• 10.30am MMA

• 12.00 noon 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

• 13.00pm open mat



Our 10.30am class is taken by Pete Hefford. ‘F’ as he is known, started F’s Freestyle in 2006 which became the catalyst for everything that has survived from that era and continued on as Elements MMA.

F won professional European Muay Thai championships and was a fearsome competitor at lightweight during his Muay Thai career.

He is revered for his tenacity and strong will. Something that will rub off on those who commit to regularly training with the man.

During Saturday morning’s Muay Thai class all students enrolled on Elements striking programmes will benefit from the knowledge that F has to share.

Anyone who has trained with F will testify to his uniqueness, a truly unforgettable one of a kind character and master of the game, who will immediately strike up a rapport with you and enable you to sharpen your striking saw in ways that very few can.

With all the basics covered from punches, kicks, knees and elbows (and their relative defences) and with a hefty dose of clinchwork (F’s favourite) you will get the full works if you put together a steady string of Saturday morning Muay Thai classes here with F.

All Elements members enrolled in striking and MMA programmes are urged to train with F every Saturday at 10.30am

So keep your Friday evening antics to a minimum and every Saturday morning you can be part of the continuation of what gave Kings Norton its name in Freestyle fighting over a decade ago.



MMA class is generally the most advanced class of the week.

For MMA competitors this class is an absolute must. Over the years Elements MMA has had a whole host of high level names from the world of mixed martial arts train with us on a Saturday morning.

for current amatuer and pro MMA fighters and for those rookies who have already got their thousand hours of training in the bag then this class will get you fight ready.

This class is also suitable for non-members of Elements MMA who compete and need training partners outside of their regular team’s setup. This is a regular occurrence on Elements mats as we understand the importance of branching out and training with other like minded participants of the game, however this must be organised in advance.


10th Planet Jiu Jitsu MASTERING THE BASICS

For all our grapplers enrolled as 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu fundamental or advanced students, Saturday midday should be a must wherever possible!

Head coach Mick Broster takes the only class per week where you can train with him regardless of what level you are at in 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu.

Mick is Eddie Bravo’s most highly regarded practitioner in the UK so you should all want to be first in line to get onto the mats after the MMA class has finished at 12 noon each and every Saturday!

The MASTERING THE BASICS Class is designed to give those new to 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu a grip on the basic moves from our system, as well as offer all of the most recent evolutions for those of you who have been here 6 months and more.

On Saturdays Mick will teach each technique carefully and slowly, taking the time to make sure every single person on the mats has what has been shown down perfectly.

Later on when you enter the advanced 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu classes the moves can come thick and fast, with the understanding that you already understand certain laws of jiu jitsu and can put what Mick teaches together for yourself, without having to spend more time rehashing the basics; but on Saturday this is not the case.

On Saturday you will be privy to the best 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu basics in all of the UK. Taught to you in a way that is easily digestible and will stick with you throughout your jiu jitsu journey.

Remember that basics win fights!



The open mat sessions at Elements are priceless, which is funny considering they are all included in your programmes at no extra cost!

Open mat will be of use to students once they have completed a couple of dozen or more classes.

Open mat is probably the most enjoyable kind of training to those who have paid their dues over years of instructor lead classes and just want to train without the structure of a class setting where they are being taught and are sat listening to the teacher for a good portion.

With open mat you can get on with other students and train however you want. It’s usually only advisable to train this way once you have done a good amount of classes under your belt and you are beginning to know your way around the mat.

Open mat can be grappling drills, rounds of rolling, hitting pads, stand up sparring; whatever the members want out of their training can be achieved during open mat.

Its chance for everyone to top up the skills they have developed over the week, go over techniques taught, catch up on lessons they may have missed out on from other students and round out their skill set.

Look out for other opportunities for open mat during the week here at Elements MMA too.

We hope to see you here on the mats for as many Saturdays as possible throughout the year!


Pete Adams, Adrian Glowacki, Mick Broster



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