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CLASS FEATURE What to expect at Elements MMA.. on Monday

January 29, 2017

CLASS FEATURE: What to expect at Elements MMA.. on Monday

MMA – Instructor Chris Garry

  • 5.30pm MMA Warm up & revision
  • 6.30pm MMA Technique Study
  • 8.00pm MMA Live Drills/Open mat/workshop


All classes suitable for all levels




Warm up & Revision

  • Students will shake off and pummel.
  • Drill Closing the distance: students practice the technique twice and switch.
  • Drill previous week’s sequence from technique study all the way through, with various levels of resistance and changing partners


Technique Study

  • Identify basics of a technique segment (25 techniques listed below)
  • The techniques will be taught slowly
  • Various aspects of the techniques will be covered in detail
  • The techniques will be put together in a sequence – you may find you do not master the sequence the first time, so next week it will be brought back during revision


Live Drills/open mat/workshop

  • Live Drills incorporating the sequences most recently taught – pair up with someone similar level
  • Open mat for outright beginners and those who have completed live Drills
  • Workshop any of Monday’s sequences with the coach until they are learned


1. Taking the back
2. Rear Naked Choke
3. Clinch / Pummelling
4. Single leg
5. High crotch
6. Double leg
7. Running the pipe
8. Seat belt throw
9. Duck under
10. Sit through / peak out
11. Underpa$$
12. Truck
13. Underhook (1/2 guard)
14. The Mount
15. Twister
16. Dope Mount
17. Floating
18. Reverse Half
19. 3/4 Mount
20. Trips
21. Leglocks
22. Guard
23. Armbar
24. Triangle
25. Guillotine

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