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Busy Monday morning open mat

October 19, 2015

Busy Monday morning open mat session 9.30am this morning, good effort those turning up to start their week the right way!!

I’m told its around this time of year the classes start to drop off in the lead up to Christmas. Well not a single one of our classes will die and thats a promise.. there might be slightly smaller numbers compared with the summer but that’s not going to stop anyone who really wants it

And if the only ninjas on the mats are the most highly motivated individuals then thats fine by me because that’s who I want to share the mat with in the first place!

This is who I do this for; me and ninjas like me.

So get on board and become part of BIRMINGHAMS STRONGEST FAMILY this Autumn.

Find out TODAY what great offers we have for HIGHLY MOTIVATED INDIVIDUALS.

FREE PRIVATE LESSON for anyone who shows the commitment of making it through Autumn & winter without pussying out, what are you waiting for!!?

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