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10th Planet Jiu Jitsu HQ WARM UPS Playlist

June 8, 2016

Eddie Bravo shapes

Welcome to 10th Planet Birmingham.

Many of you will have been directed here in preparation for the start of your journey into jiu jitsu.

You may already have heard something about the 10th Planet warm-ups.

First, in order to begin gaining an understanding of what your first steps into the system might be, please watch these short clips below of Eddie Bravo presenting 10th Planet and explaining the 10th Planet HQ Warm Up Sets:

Thank you for watching those videos we hope that helped!

As a 10th Planet Birmingham Fundamental student, a timely progression into the ADVANCED PROGRAMME hinges on your mastery of the 10th Planet HQ Warm Up Sets.

Linked further down are the videos of the complete WARM UP SETS, free of charge via Jem Havok’s YOUTUBE PLAYLIST and available 24/7 for your revision.

Once enrolled into our FUNDAMENTAL PROGRAMME we will immediately get to work and gear the initial phase of your training towards gaining access to the ADVANCED CLASSES, which by training 3 or more classes per week and focusing on practicing the Warm Up Sets perfectly, is achievable in around 6 months.

From there you will be ready to take on all of the 10th Planet system and for those interested in competiton, you may even look at competing within the next 6 months at the very entry level of local jiu jitsu competitions.

At 10th Planet Birmingham we have always had competitive grapplers who bring back medals from local and national events..


The priority for all 10th Planet students signed up to the FUNDAMENTAL PROGRAMME is to get the Warm Up sets learned, revised and mastered.

Its a system of it’s own; a system within a system.

Mastering The Warm Ups will give the initial phase of your jiu jitsu journey all the purpose you will need to expand your jiu jitsu game immediately.. from day 1!

So here it is;


2016 10th Planet Warm Ups V.3

Warm Up Rotation List:

1 ABCD (Week beginning 6/6/16)

2 EFGH (Week beginning 13/6/16)

3 BADC (Week beginning 20/6/16)

4 FEHG (Week beginning 27/6/16)

5 DCBA (Week beginning 4/7/16)

6 HGFE (Week beginning 11/7/16)

7 CDAB (Week beginning 18/7/16)

8 GHEF (Week beginning 30/5/16)


Interested in enrolling in our FUNDAMENTALS PROGRAMME, perfect for beginners and those new to 10th Planet??

For your chance to qualify for a FREE PRIVATE LESSON call NOW on 07825678263 and we can introduce you to 10th Planet and start teaching you the Warm Ups FREE OF CHARGE.. TODAY!!

What are you waiting for!!?

Let’s start now!

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