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Sep 14, 2016No Comments

As the UK and Europe’s only Official Bang Muay Thai Academy it is our pleasure to direct all Bang Muay Thai Birmingham students to the

Denny Prokopos 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Semina...

Sep 04, 2016No Comments

At Denny Prokopos’ 3rd visit to 10th Planet Birmingham those in attendance got an almighty dose of the antidote to many of our problems: Footlock


Arm-in guillotine

Nov 09, 2015No Comments

Not the conventional way to execute an arm-in guillotine, but Tavares gives a tough lesson on how effective the squeeze can be. We have always


Important info/tips on HOW TO START YOUR MM...

Oct 02, 2015No Comments

Important info/tips on HOW TO START YOUR MMA GYM or MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOL Sometimes you can take something as a sign. For a few weeks


Brand new video

Sep 22, 2015No Comments

BRAND NEW VIDEO: CLICK HERE!!! I found this app this morning… by the end of the evening I had created this. Every day we have


Paul Smith

Aug 04, 2015No Comments

To inspire is to touch a life. The word inspirational gets banded about more & more nowadays. Paul Smith is nothing short of inspiring. He