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Random thoughts

I can vs. I can’t vs. Can I? Mindsets...

Jun 22, 2016No Comments

When training it can be very resourceful to ask yourself questions. During sparring might not sound like a very good time to start asking questions-

Mad kid, good city.

Mar 27, 2016No Comments

Almost the end of the month now and I hope you have all at least read The Secret; if not practiced it. I have been


Social media

Oct 16, 2015No Comments

SOCIAL MEDIA I have just recently added INSTAGRAM and PERISCOPE Instagram: ELEMENTS_MMA Periscope: @chriselements Twitter: @ElementsMMA Facebook: Chris Elements



Aug 19, 2015No Comments

Lots more OPEN MAT is being offered here at Elements. We have never once said NO to anyone wanting extra training out of class times


2015 has been monumental for me already thi...

Jul 10, 2015No Comments

2015 has been monumental for me already this year. Our change of location from Rubery to Kings Norton has been eventful! And here we are